The Big Reveal: Virtually

The world has changed, and life has been put on hold, or has it? There are some things that just can’t wait. Like telling family and friends whether they need to purchase pink or blue for your new little on the way. So, let’s talk about a virtual gender reveal and how you can make it easier for everyone — especially for the grands and great grands!

1.      The most important part of a gender reveal — no matter how you plan the reveal portion — is finding out what the sex of the baby is. Are you having a girl or a boy? Get that ultrasound scheduled then let the planning begin!

2.      Next, set the date. Part of this step is planning how you’re going to do the reveal. Facebook life? Zoom? Google Hangouts? Group Facetime? There are options but keep in mind not everyone is tech savvy. If possible, arrange to have a younger family member hang out with the greats so they have no problem being part of the reveal. You wouldn’t want them to feel left out simply because they don’t have a smart phone to tune into Zoom.

3.      Send out invitations. Make your list. Run your list by your mom and your partner’s mom. You would hate to forget anyone.  

4.      Once you have the date set and have chosen the medium you’re using to host the reveal, order supplies, decorations, games, thank you cards, and party favors. Prepare care packages for the closest family members and dear friends you want to take part. Be sure to include any game instructions/pieces, some pink and blue sweets, etc. so they feel like they’re right there with you for the big reveal. Don’t forget to include something for the cousins — kids love reveal parties.

5.      Game ideas could include having your guests decorate the background in pink or blue, depending on their guess. Whoever has the best décor, will get a special gift in the mail. Another idea is to start a poll a few weeks before then in care packages, mail out bracelets that say Team Boy or Team Girl for each person in the family receiving the care package. Not only will the kids have a cute little gift, whoever guesses right will have bragging rights and maybe a little gift in the box to celebrate being right.

6.      Do a test run! You would hate to have your computer go down or your iPad battery refusing to charge the day of the big reveal. You know how computer equipment can be…if it’s going to act up, it will be the day it has to work!

7.      Send out a reminder (as if anyone could forget!) the day before.

8.      Sign on early then have a blast and enjoy your family. 

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