How to host the perfect DIY Virtual Gender Reveal

As the days of social distancing get longer and longer, people are having to get creative with how to have gender reveal parties. We know that this moment is one that you want to share with your family and friends, but maybe you aren’t sure how to do that virtually. We got you! This is how to host the perfect online gathering to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy!!

So, step one: Create and host your game here at

This is the perfect way to bring in some extra cash as you plan for your online party! Share your game with family and friends. Let them know that when the game ends, they are to join you online for a party!

Step two: Choose a site to host your party. There are several online “meeting room” options.

Option A- Facebook, which has the simple option to go LIVE. All of your “friends” will get the notification to join to watch your video. However, if you’d like to have a little more control over who’s watching,you’d need to create a group on Facebook for your event, invite the people you want to join and only those members will be able to see when you go LIVE in there! 

Option B- Zoom. Since we have been social distancing for a while, most people know of and have a zoom account. Simply log into zoom, schedule the time and date as a “meeting” for your party and share the link with your invitees! 

Step three: Set up a cute backdrop for yourself with gender reveal decorations, like these, to encourage your party attendees to still get in the “mood,” for a party! They can still dress in blue or pink as they represent what team they are on. And you can still have your gender reveal cake/cupcakes with pink and/or blue icing too! Make it a fun celebration! 

When the party date arrives, go live on whatever platform you chose and celebrate with your family and friends! This provides a safe way to see everyone’s reaction to the announcement. 

If you’d like to continue the theme of virtual parties, you can do the same thing for your baby shower. Simply set up another event and invite people to join you. Encourage them to shop directly from your baby registry— here’s a good site for baby must haves- so the items ship directly to you. 

If you have local family and friends that still want to see you and drop off gifts, then a “drive thru” baby shower would be perfect for you. Set a date and time for everyone to drive by. Set up your party “station” at the end of your yard/driveway with a table, chairs, balloons/decor, and baby shower treats! Turn on some music and get ready to be showered with love as your family and friends drive by with gifts! 

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, we hope these tips help you make your virtual event special and time to remember! 

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