The Top Swaddling Blankets For Your Little “One.”

Your baby is tucked in the warmest, safest place it will ever be. Preparing for your baby’s entrance in this world means finding a swaddling blanket that will emulate the comfort and security she had while growing inside you. Babies who are swaddled sleep longer with less anxiety and less frequent wake ups due to the startling reflex. Swaddling means you won’t need blankets or pillows and your child won’t be able to scratch himself or turn from his back to his stomach before it’s safe to do so. There are so many good reasons to swaddle your baby. As far as which swaddling blanket is the best? We’ll let you choose. Here are our favorite swaddling blankets.  

  1. Miracle Blanket Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Infant Baby Fearfully Made: This imported swaddling blanket is made from 100% pure cotton and is perfect for keeping your infant safe and secure as she sleeps. This blanket is intended for newborns up to 14 weeks. This all cotton swaddling blanket will help keep even the strongest babies from startling, twitching, scratching themself. Machine washable for easy maintenance. 
  1. HALO Sleepsack Swaddle, Velboa Plush Dots: This cream-colored swaddling blanket is another must buy and one some hospitals provide. This swaddling blanket allows for arms in or out, depending on your child’s needs. Fits babies from 6 – 12 pounds.
  1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket:  This blanket is perfect if your baby runs hot and may be the key to keeping him comfortable. This swaddling blanket is made from pure cotton. It is thin, and comfortably breathable while being large enough you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it too soon. These muslin blankets are boutique quality and come in a two pack for convenience.
  1. Muslin Swaddle Blankets: This pack of 4 comfortable cotton blankets are versatile and can be used for swaddling while changing your baby, plus, they can also be used as a discrete coverup while feeding if you want a little more privacy. Super handy and multi-purposed with contrasting colors — a perfect match!
  1. ErgoPouch 0.2 tog Cocoon Swaddle Bag: Looking for fun patterned swaddle bags that are multi-purposed to tuck your little one in? These cocoon swaddle bags are specially designed to transition to hands free. They have a 2-way zipper for easy diaper changes and provide enough space for your child’s healthy leg movements. 
  1. Burt’s Bees Baby: What could be cuter? This swaddle blanket is a transitional to hands free and is organic cotton — great for sensitive skin!
  1. Natemia Extra Soft White Muslin Swaddle Blankets: This pack of 2 anemia bamboo/cotton blankets are super soft and provide extra comfort to your baby. This product is versatile and ideal for the delicate skin of your newborn.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights!