The Perfect Surprise: Gender Neutral Baby Shower

You’re pregnant. Maybe for the first time. Maybe for the fourth. No matter how many times you’ve rubbed your belly in anticipation—every single time, it’s just as exciting and just as new. From the moment you watched the little heartbeat on the monitor to the day everyone gathers to celebrate you and your little one, you know your life is about to change.

If you are keeping your baby’s gender a secret, be careful not to ruin the surprise at the baby shower. Trust us. Those grandmas are sneaky, and they will find the evidence if it’s there. Here are 5 gender neutral baby shower decorations so you can throw the perfect gender neutral baby shower.

  1. Pop up Photo booth: The idea of having a photo booth using gender-neutral colors like white and gold or yellow and green is an excellent idea. You can capture the memories with pictures of your baby bump, partner, and friends with a classic theme and still keep them guessing. Plus, the fantastic props will ensure everyone has a good time!  Try some of these fantastic props!
  1. A Welcome Banner: If you are planning a more intimate baby shower with a few family members and friends, you won’t go wrong with a “welcome baby” banner. It’s a welcoming yet straightforward decoration and perfect for a gender neutral baby shower. Get the banner here!
  1. The Perfect Invitation: No baby shower is complete without unique invites. And if you are keeping the baby shower theme gender-neutral, you need unique invites that won’t give away the gender. These Woodland Animals invites from amazon are adorable and gender neutral appropriate!
  1. Baby Shower Napkins: Napkins are a must at baby showers. And what’s better than having beautifully designed white and gold napkins for your gender neutral baby shower. Get these playful ‘Oh Baby’ gold and white baby shower napkins delivered right to your door!
  1. Baby Prediction cards: Baby showers are a very special and meaningful part of the pregnancy journey! The fun and excitement alone are addictive—and don’t get us started on the presents! Everyone expects to play games at the shower (and you know we’re all about baby shower games)! These cards will be a keepsake for years to come. 

One way to keep your baby shower gender neutral is, be sure not to tell the host. If you don’t tell, we won’t. Promise!