Grooming 101: The Best Grooming Tools for a New Mom

Grooming your infant can be intimidating. Perhaps you’ve thought, what if I hurt him? What if she breaks out in a rash? How do I hold onto to this slippery squirmy baby when bathing him?  So many questions! Thankfully, there are products that help answer these questions and make grooming time easier. It’s okay, mom…we’ve got you! 

  1. Wooden Hair Grooming Set: This brush and comb set is safe for even the softest wisp of baby hair. Brushing your baby’s scalp will relax him, improve her blood circulation, and prevent cradle cap. 
  1. American Red Cross Health and Baby Grooming Kit: This set is a combination of health and grooming tools. It’s from the American Red Cross…a name you can trust. Pro Tip: It’s the perfect set to keep in the car for trips or pack for vacation!
  2. Fridababy Nail Clipper Set: Cutting an infant’s nails can be daunting. The Fridababy nail clipper has a patented design for your baby’s safety. 
  1. The Honest Company Shampoo + Body Wash: The Honest Company gives you a 2-in-1 tear-free, gentle, hypoallergic, and dermatologically tested formula for your baby’s scalp and skin. A company that provides quality safe skin care products for your little one.
  1. CARA B Baby Shampoo + Body Wash: This Cara B 2-in-1 is made from natural ingredients and chemical free, so your infant’s sensitive skin won’t be irritated. This product is designed for curly hair and is eczema friendly. 
  1. Cantu Care Shampoo Set: If your child is prone to getting tangles, then Cantu is perfect for you. They have a range of products from shampoo to detangler to styling gel and will change how you approach your hair styling sessions.  
  1. Curls: Another life-saving product for moms whose kids have curly hair. This leave-in cream is made from all-natural ingredients, cuts down the frizz, and can keep your baby’s hair in place all day every day. 
  1. Babyology’s Organic Baby Lotion: Taking care of an infant’s sensitive dry skin can be a challenge. Because their skin is so fragile, applying lotion with chemicals can cause severe irritation. Babyology has developed a 100% natural formula that is perfect for your baby’s soft new skin. It is safe and dermatologically tested. 
  1. Boon Bathtub: For a new mom, bathing might be the scariest part of bringing their newborn home from the hospital. The Boon Bathtub turns bath time into a fun time for both mom and baby. This 3-stage bathtub is slip-resistant and perfect for your newborn through 18 month old. 
  1. Mini Eggs Hooded Baby Towel: This baby towel has a darling cow hood that your child will grow to love. Made from 100% cotton this towel is so soft against your baby’s skin and absorbent to keep them warm and dry. 

Baby grooming is an important aspect of parenting and the products listed above are meant to help make your job easier!