Adoptive Parents Post Adorable “Harry Potter”-Themed Gender Reveal

Original story by NEAVE WILLIAMSON · PUBLISHED MARCH 15, 2021 · UPDATED MARCH 15, 2021 on Charlette and Dan Fontaine posted a video of their Harry Potter-themed gender reveal party with a twist on TikTok, and it has since been called “the only gender reveal I wholeheartedly approve of” by commenters. Charlette and Dan are from Manitoba, Canada, and have been fostering their… Continue reading Adoptive Parents Post Adorable “Harry Potter”-Themed Gender Reveal

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Fall Essentials: Baby Edition

Cooler weather is approaching. I know, hard to believe after the heat of this summer but it’s on the way. Honestly. Anyone but us think fall clothes and accessories for babies are the cutest things ever? Earth tones. Plaids. Matching layers. Miniature jean jackets. Boots. Did we mention little, tiny, adorable boots? Okay, I could… Continue reading Fall Essentials: Baby Edition

Taco Bout a Baby Shower

Hop on the latest trend with a taco themed baby shower! Who doesn’t love tacos? Seriously, EVERYONE is about tacos right now. Whether you like your tacos street taco style or loaded with unique toppings, a taco party has a warm (or maybe spicy) place in our hearts! It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a… Continue reading Taco Bout a Baby Shower

Say Boo!

No matter the age, it seems almost everyone enjoys Halloween and the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character! Why should it be any different for revealing your baby’s gender? Play into the season and have a Halloween – or at least a Fall – themed reveal. Spice up the party and ask your… Continue reading Say Boo!

The Big Reveal: Virtually

The world has changed, and life has been put on hold, or has it? There are some things that just can’t wait. Like telling family and friends whether they need to purchase pink or blue for your new little on the way. So, let’s talk about a virtual gender reveal and how you can make… Continue reading The Big Reveal: Virtually

The Perfect Gender Reveal Brunch

When breakfast is too early and lunch is too late, we do brunch. Is there a better meal? I don’t think so. Why? Because you can get away with eating waffles AND chicken and no one thinks anything of it! Put that combo on a dinner menu and you’re sure to get some lip. But… Continue reading The Perfect Gender Reveal Brunch

March Baby: What to Expect

RAISING A SPIRITED CHILD March is the month of hope, when yellow daffodils break through the cold soil to wave their arms at us, encouraging us that summer is coming. Many children born in March are super smart, curious, energetic, and restless. Congratulations to those of you expecting a baby in March. Be prepared to… Continue reading March Baby: What to Expect

High Rollin’ Stroller

There are certain pieces of baby equipment you can’t put a price tag on. Strollers are one of those items. As busy as we moms are, we have to have equipment that is safe for our little ones and yet easy to manipulate and tuck away in our vehicles. We do not have time for… Continue reading High Rollin’ Stroller