Should I Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

Attending a gender reveal party and not sure about the gift-giving etiquette? Is a gift required? Or what do you get if you want to bring a gift? Read on for the answers to these questions and more. 

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

A traditional gender reveal party happens before the baby shower as a separate event. This is just a fun reason to gather friends and family and find out the baby’s gender together. Couples come up with all kinds of fun ways to do the big reveal from different colored cakes, to balloons and even lasagna! A recent trend has evolved for more eco-friendly reveals, like sending out electronic invites or hosting a game on

Should I bring a gift?

If the couple is having a baby shower, then save your gift for that. No gift is expected at the gender reveal, it’s just a good excuse to throw a party. If they are not having a baby shower, and you want to bringing something, then you might want to inquire if they are registered somewhere.

But I Can’t Show Up Empty Handed!

If you are one of those people who insists they MUST bring something, first ask if you can bring a dish to help with the party. Food and drinks are almost always welcome! If you want to bring something for the baby, then you can either go with something gender neutral or an every day baby necessity. Always ask if they have a registry before bringing a baby item so you don’t bring something they already have and then they need to return or exchange.

The Final Verdict

Gifts are not expected, but almost always welcome. However, if the invite expressly says no gifts, then do not bring a gift. Sometimes they already have too much stuff and you would just be adding to their clutter! Sometimes people just don’t have room for more stuff. If you absolutely cannot show up empty handed, go with food or something they are going to need a ton of – like baby wipes and diapers. Unless they are going to cloth diaper. But see? That’s why you should always check the registry.

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