How to Make the Most of Your Gender Reveal Game

A lot of people may start a game and then wonder how to get people to notice it and play.

Here’s a few helpful tips to get things going!

  1. Start with you e-mail contact list. Send out an e-mail to friends and family with your game link!
  2. Don’t just stop with e-mail – break out your phone and text your link to your contacts
  3. Put your game link on your pregnancy and/or reveal party announcements
  4. Post your game link on Facebook
  5. Share on Twitter with #GenderRevealGame
  6. Post a pic on Instagram and change the link in your bio to your game
  7. Once you post, follow up with hints to help people guess!
  8. Don’t be shy! Share your game when people ask if you are having a boy or a girl.
  9. Create a YouTube video introducing yourself, tell a little bit about your pregnancy and symptoms and then let people make a guess
  10. Share with your church/school/work group
  11. Tell Everybody and Everyone! The more people that know about your game, the more will play and the more $$ you earn for your little bundle of joy.

Thought of something we didn’t? We’d love to hear your ideas about promoting the game! Comment on how you might promote your own game.

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