How One Mom Made $980 with Gender Reveal Game

We are excited to be featured on! Read the story to see how Ashley used her Facebook and Instagram to raise $980 with the Gender Reveal Game.

She created her game on a whim figuring there was nothing to lose, and she gained almost $1000! We are thrilled she had such a great experience and can’t wait for more moms to give it a try. She wrote all about what it was like creating her game and how her unique ideas of getting people interested (like posting hints!) helped her raise her funds higher than she ever expected.

From Ashley: “Overall we truly had a great experience playing the Gender Reveal Game. Ultimately, what is the worst that can happen? It cost you nothing to get a game started and when you have someone play it’s more money put aside for your new bundle of joy than you originally had. The founder, Kim was a joy to work with and very helpful throughout the process of this game giving tips and reminders of where you’re at with the money being raised. We wish more families success playing this one of a kind game.”

Read her article, How I Raised $980 with the Gender Reveal Game, and get some tips for raising the bar on your own game.

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